Is Matthew King guilty of Tom’s murder?

When Emmerdale brothers Matthew, Jimmy and Carl King all start suspecting each other of killing dad Tom, it’s going to turn really nasty, warns actor Matt Healy.

When the police knock on the door, Matthew King is convinced they’ve come to arrest Rosemary. So it must come as a shock to discover that it’s actually him and his brothers that the police are after?

“New forensic evidence has apparently come to light – fibres on the murder weapon match fibres from the brothers’ suits. Matthew’s shocked to be taken in for questioning because he was sure the police would be more more suspicious of Rosemary.”

Aren’t the brothers interrogated individually and played off against one another in a bid to make them crack?

“Matthew knows very well that the police are trying to turn them against each other. He’s more worried about what the other two might say rather than what he’ll say. He’s also concerned that Jimmy and Carl might fall for it and believe some of the stuff the police tell them.”

So, did one of the boys do their dad in?

“Well, they all had a motive. Matthew was gutted when Tom named Carl as his chosen heir. His motive would be about punishing his dad, a kind of retribution, rather than any kind of financial gain.”

What about Jimmy?

“Jimmy’s motive would be as a way of getting his own back on his dad after the housing disaster which Jimmy knows Tom blamed him for, plus Tom made it clear he thought Jimmy was a failure.”

And Carl?

“His motive would be all about Chas after Tom split them up. With Tom out of the way, they could be together again without interference.”

So, if Matthew says he didn’t do it, which of his brothers does he think is more likely to be guilty?

“Matthew thinks that Jimmy’s more likely to be guilty than Carl as there was far more history between Jimmy and Tom. It turns out Jimmy doesn’t suspect Carl either. He comes right out and accuses Matthew of being the killer – and Matthew punches him. Carl tries to split them up but ends up getting whacked himself!”

Can we expect the brothers to kiss and make up any time soon on Emmerdale?

“It’ll turn out that they all start suspecting one another and seriously start to turn on each other.”