Donna Windsor Dingle‘s career isn’t the only thing going to pieces in Emmerdale… her marriage seems to be heading that way too! Actress Verity Rushworth tells us more…

How is Donna feeling following the car chase which left her badly injured?

�Donna’s finding the whole rehabilitation thing really difficult. She�s struggling to cope with barely being able to put one foot in front of the other and it’s causing her a lot of frustration. But her feelings for Ross are even more frustrating. She thought she had his support and feels betrayed by him.”

Donna’s clearly in turmoil. Is Ashley able to help when she suffers a panic attack?

“Ashley encourages Donna to open up and she admits her fear following the crash and explains how alone she feels as Ross is the only person who was there and can understand.”

But Marlon refuses to let Ross visit as he blames him for what happened…

“Marlon can see the sense in it but he still blames Ross for the accident so he’s not exactly thrilled that Donna’s willing to forgive him.”

Luckily, Marlon gives in and lets Ross visit. How does Donna react to seeing Ross after all this time?

“Donna is thrilled to see Ross and admits how much she missed him. Ross tells her he knows they can never be more than friends� but it’s obvious things have changed between them.”

How does Donna really feel about Ross? Would she cheat on Marlon?

“To be honest I don�t think she really knows yet how she feels about Ross. She’s very confused. She does feel closer to him than she did a few months back when she told him she didn’t love him. That’s still the case� for now.”

For now… so Donna could change her mind, then?

“The truth is her head’s all over the place at the moment. She doesn�t know what to do about her job either. She keeps changing her mind about pretty much everything.”

With you leaving Emmerdale in December, could a Ross/Donna/Marlon love triangle be Donna’s exit storyline?

“Something happens before she leaves hospital that will make it clear this is the start of it. It’s going to build to a very dramatic climax so there’s lots, lots more to come.”