Emmerdale’s Andy Sugden is torn between wife Katie and lover Jo – and he’s about to make up his mind which one he wants, as actor Kelvin Fletcher explains…

Not so long ago Jo was a thorn in Andy’s side. When did the two of them become so close?
“Over the past few months Andy and Jo have totally bonded. Yes, they both went through hell as kids but there are other reasons for their connection. Jo’s really helped Andy out with his little daughter Sarah.”

So Jo’s a real tower of strength for Andy, then?
“She’s proved herself to be naturally maternal whereas Katie clearly is not. Jo’s also there for Andy when his real dad, Billy, turns up in Emmerdale. And, even worse, Andy doesn’t feel Katie is being supportive.

Why’s that?
She’s completely wrapped up in her riding business and he feels her career is the most thing to her.”

It’s obvious Andy feels more for Jo than Katie at the moment. How does Andy eventually decide who he wants to be with?
“Katie thinks she’s pregnant and there’s no way Andy feels he can leave Katie if she is. When Jo learns about Katie she tells Andy she’s leaving the village. She’s just getting into a cab to whisk her away from Emmerdale when Katie discovers her period’s started. Now that there’s no baby Andy loses no time. He runs out and stops Jo’s cab. He tells her he wants her then he tells Katie they’re over.”

What’s Katie’s reaction?
“She’s beside herself. She’s livid and actually attacks Andy. She’s even more furious when she finds out Andy’s already had an affair with Jo – and that Jack and Diane knew about it but didn’t tell her. She’s devastated.”

And soon to be homeless, too!
“Andy will throw Katie out. It’s his farm, remember. An added complication is Katie’s riding business is based at the farm so I don’t know how that’ll pan out. It’s certainly not going to be a clean-cut split.”

It all sounds very messy. Andy must be certain he’s doing the right thing?
“He does right now. But I don’t think he’ll be able to forget about Katie just like that. Not when they’ve known each other for years and been through so much. Jo thinks she’s well and truly got her man but only time will tell…”