Cain and Charity know how to fight dirty when blackmailer Maxine goes too far with Moira, Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb tells Soaplife…

How does Cain (Jeff Hordley) find out about Maxine?
“Aaron [Danny Miller] tells him. Cain visits Maxine and gets very heavy-handed and threatens her. But Maxine is a proper manipulator and very strong, so this doesn’t scare her at all. Cain sees she has pictures of dogs everywhere and he threatens to take the animals. He does, but Maxine still doesn’t stop.”

What does she do?
“She poisons Moira’s cows – not all of them, just a couple, but since they are Moira’s livelihood, that’s enough.”

Then what happens?
“Charity [Emma Atkins] gets involved. She’s living with Moira and Cain, which Moira isn’t happy about. She sees Maxine with Moira and ends up kidnapping her, but Moira doesn’t know anything about it. Then she gives Maxine the ride of her life in a car. Charity tells Maxine that she has lost everything so has nothing left to lose. She also explains a lot of people who have messed with her are now dead and that works!”

Is Moira jealous of Charity’s closeness to Cain?
“Moira doesn’t feel threatened by Charity any more. They’ve moved on. I think Moira and Charity would make a formidable team.”

We’ve read that James’s ex, Emma, might turn up… That would put the cat among the pigeons!
“It would. I have no idea if and when she will appear, but I imagine she won’t like Moira at all. Emma doesn’t know about Adam yet, although she always suspected there was something going on between Moira and James [Bill Ward].”

What’s in store for Moira?
“There’s probably trouble ahead!”

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