Jai lets junkie Nell move in – and there’s instant disaster, reveals Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson

Jai is trying to do right by fellow drug addict Nell, but his actions put his niece Amba’s life at risk! Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson reveals what happens

Jai Sharma’s family hasn’t taken to Nell Fairfax, but Jai is determined to help the recovering drug addict. He agrees she can stay at his family’s home and even invites her to niece Amba’s birthday party… And that’s when things go horribly wrong, as the toddler finds drugs in her handbag.

“It is a really difficult situation,” Chris Bisson told Soaplife. “They are anti-depressants, but people automatically assume they’re harder drugs.”

Why is Jai putting himself out for Nell?
“It’s about him feeling guilty and responsible for what happened to Holly Barton [who died of a drugs overdose]. He is trying to live a normal life, but feels a bit hollow and empty. Nell’s story resonates with him and he doesn’t want her to go the same way that Holly did.”

Does he fancy Nell (Scarlett Archer)?
“Of course, it’s a soap! She flirts with Ross [Michael Parr] and Jai feels jealous, which confirms to him that he has feelings for her. So far, he has been honourable, but they do end up snogging in the factory.”

Why does she move into Holdgate?
“She is getting hassled at the hostel and Jai finds her sleeping at the factory. He takes responsibility and takes her back to Holdgate.”

What happens when Amba gets hold of the pills?
“Amba is found with the pills in her hand. The way the Sharmas see it, Nell left these drugs unattended but, to Nell, she left pills in her handbag and some kid has gone into it. Who is right and who is wrong? Jai is torn and is stuck in the middle between Nell and his family.”

What does Jai know about Nell?
“Well, he knows she has a daughter who was taken away from her because of her drug abuse and that is hurting her. That resonates with Jai because he lost a kid – his son Archie is somewhere in Liverpool. There are a lot of connections between these two characters that really pulls them together.”

Why does Priya get involved?
“She thinks that the daughter might be something that would help Nell to turn her life around.”

Is Jai still struggling with his own addiction?
“Yes, drugs are a long-term issue and he still has moments. It requires a lot of inner strength for him to hold it together and maybe Nell is a good reason for him to do that.”

Or maybe not…

Emmerdale, ITV


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