‘Jai’s plight rests in Megan’s hands!’ says Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye

Emmerdale‘s Gaynor Faye tells Soaplife about Megan’s revenge plan… and suspicions she’s pregnant!

What is Megan’s plan to nail Jai?
“She asks Jai [Chris Bisson] about how he got hold of the drugs he planted on Rachel. He reveals that he messed around with this dealer a while back, so she rifles through his phone and calls this guy. She plans to buy enough drugs to get Jai put away if they are found in his possession.”

Is this a foolproof plan in her eyes?
“The trouble is, she has not thought it through properly and she is messing with a world she knows nothing about.”

How angry is Megan with Jai?
“Well, she has heard him say on tape that he doesn’t like Megan and will leave her as soon as he gets Archie, so her hatred runs deep. Megan wants to stay in the village, so needs Jai out of the picture. Putting him in prison would be the best outcome as far as she is concerned.”

How does she feel when she suspects she may be pregnant?
“That would be a real curve ball, knowing how much Jai wants a baby and how far he will go to keep one. Megan would like nothing more than to have a baby as she has lost her son and has nobody. It will be tragic either way – if she is pregnant, she will always be beholden to Jai, which will be horrific for her. If she isn’t pregnant, she has no cards up her sleeve.”

What happens with her plan to get Jai arrested?
“What Megan hadn’t foreseen, was this dealer guy might just give Jai a call. When that happens, he knows what she is up to, but Megan has called the police in a bid to get Jai caught with drugs.”

What does Jai do?
“It is a pivotal moment. If the police are involved and Megan ends up getting implicated, she might end up in prison.”

Why does Megan end up rowing with Leyla?
“So far, Megan’s anger has been directed at Jai, but the stress of the situation comes to a head and she tackles Leyla [Roxy Shahidi] about the affair.”

Will Megan show up in court for Archie’s custody hearing?
“Although Megan knows how much Rachel [Gemma Oaten] wants to win the case, she and Jai strike up a deal. Jai’s plight rests in Megan’s hands, but will she show up? He is there waiting and feeling very tense…”