Recovering addict Jai Sharma’s life takes another sickening turn when his little girl Eliza has a seizure, Emmerdale’s Chris Bisson tells Soaplife

Jai Sharma thinks his biggest problem is reuniting his sister Priya with her former BFF Leyla Harding. But then his little girl Eliza is suddenly taken ill…

What’s the story?

Jai Sharma has lots of personal demons to battle – drug addiction, lying, cheating, stealing – but he still thinks he has the energy to tackle his sister Priya’s fight, too. Priya and Leyla Harding are still at war over Priya sleeping with Leyla’s fella Pete Barton. Jai thinks he can help heal the rift by getting them to babysit his daughter Eliza together. But while he is out, the tot has a seizure and soon his sister’s spats are the least of his problems. “That really refocuses his mind,” Chris Bisson told Soaplife. “Eliza’s mum Megan wants their little girl to be seen by a specialist, but Jai pushes against that.”

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Emmerdale star Chris Bisson reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: Why does Jai get involved in the Priya-Leyla fight?

Chris Bisson: “Priya is trying to make up with Leyla and she is resisting. Jai accuses Leyla of double standards as she had an affair with him while he was with Megan. He has this idea to leave them in the house with Eliza so they can’t start shouting and arguing.”

S: How is he getting on with Megan?

CB: “Their relationship has been good. They have their ups and downs and they have their arguments over their daughter, but generally they seem to be coming to terms with and getting on with co-parenting Eliza while not being romantically involved.”

S: What is wrong with Eliza?

CB: “Her brain was starved of oxygen at birth and, back then, doctors said they wouldn’t be able to tell them if it had affected her before the age of two [she’s 19 months old now]. When Eliza has a seizure, it forces the issue, but Jai doesn’t feel ready for it.

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