Emmerdale James Sutton reveals the unthinkable could actually happen when Ryan and Maisie fall for each other!

When do Ryan and Maisie start fancying each other?

“Maisie offers to help Ryan with Katie’s Christmas pressie so they go shopping and end up having a really nice day. When Ryan drops Maisie off at Home Farm she invites him in for a drink. He declines, but for the first time we see a spark between them.”

Is it just a casual invite in or does she actually come on to him?

“She’s not flirting with him, but they’re both aware there’s a connection between them. Whenever they’re together after that there’s this unspoken thing going on.”

Given he’s dating Katie, does Ryan feel guilty about his attraction to Maisie?

“Really guilty which is why he goes all out to make it work with Katie. But he can’t control how he’s feeling about Maisie and it’s all very confusing for him.”

Is Katie suspicious at all?

“Not in the least. Katie’s loved-up and the fact her friend and her boyfriend are finally getting on makes things even better in her eyes.”

Would Ryan cheat with Maisie?

“He’s not a cheater… He hates all that because of his mum and Mark. But there’s a moment when Maisie gets drunk and Ryan and Katie help her home. When Katie’s upstairs Maisie tells him she likes him looking after her and they nearly kiss.”

Might something happen before they find out they’re half-brother and sister?

“There is every possibility.”

Could an affair between Ryan and Maisie be the catalyst that finally makes their parents tell them the truth?

“If something like that were to happen Mark and Faye would have to come clean.”

Will Ryan be able to forgive Faye for not telling him the truth when he finds out?

“Probably at some point but it’ll take him a long time to deal with. It’s one thing finding out he has a father and not being told who he is but it’s another that Faye’s been having an affair with him for months and not said a word.”

How will you spend Christmas, James?

“I’m going back to Shropshire to see my parents and grandparents, then I’m going on holiday over New Year to get some sun.”

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