James Sutton reveals all about Ryan Lamb!

Former Hollyoaks star James Sutton reveals all about his new Emmerdale character!

You were in Hollyoaks and now you’re in Emmerdale. Are you enjoying it?

“Very much. I watched the show while I was growing up and I’m working with the likes of Maxwell Caulfield and Amanda Donohoe. How good is that?!”

John Paul was huge in Hollyoaks… Will Ryan be a big character in Emmerdale?

“That’s the plan. I don’t think Ryan’s there to fade into the background.”

What’s Ryan’s story?

“He’s lost his job as a mechanic down south so he’s come to the village to live with his mum, Faye Lamb, and to look for work.”

What does he know about his father?

“Faye told him his dad died when he was little. He and his mum are close because there’s only ever been the two of them.”

How does he feel when Faye introduces him to her ‘friend’ Mark?

“Ryan thinks he must really be his mum’s boyfriend. He hasn’t a clue Mark’s his father.”

What does Ryan think of Mark?

“They go for a drink together and at first Mark seems like a nice guy. But he lies and tells Ryan he’s not married and doesn’t have kids.”

How does Ryan find out the truth?

“He discovers on the internet Mark has a wife and a family. He goes to Home Farm and tells Mark to stay away from Faye.”

Why does Mark tell Faye that she and Ryan have to leave the flat?

“Because Natasha’s getting suspicious, but then something dramatic happens and them leaving isn’t exactly a priority for Mark.”

What else is lined up for Ryan?

“Well, there are a few romances in store. Ryan’s heterosexual which means my mum will be able to watch all the time rather than burying her head in a cushion like she sometimes did when I was playing John Paul in Hollyoaks.”

What’s the reaction been like from the fans who loved you as John Paul?

“It may take a while for them to get used to me playing a different character, but hopefully they’ll start enjoying Ryan too. He’s a bit of a bad boy, but very nice with it!”

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