Emmerdale’s James Sutton reveals Ryan gets the girl, but that big daddy of a secret’s still out there!

How does Ryan feel about staying on in the village now the Dubai job’s off?
“He thinks he might as well make the most of it and get settled. And Katie is a great reason to stay!”

What attracts him to Katie?
“She’s gorgeous and good fun. Ryan also likes the chase and enjoys her playing hard to get.”

In what way?
“When his car broke down she showed she’s not one to fall for tricks. It really wasn’t a fast move on Ryan’s part, but Katie was suspicious.”

Was he hurt that she’d think he was that kind of guy?
“He was miffed she thought he was trying to trick her into bed, but he’s not going to run after her. Instead when she keeps giving him the cold shoulder he tells her to get over him.”

Then she apologises. Does he accept it?
“Not straight away. She’s said some really hurtful things to him. He tells her to forget it, that he doesn’t care what she thinks of him.”

But he does really?
“Of course. He then says sorry with a bunch of flowers and they finally make a date. They go for a drink in The Woolpack which leads to a kiss… then Ryan staying the night at Katie’s.”

So they’re finally a proper couple?
“Yes – they go to bed. They become lovers.”

Could it become serious?
“They get on really well. I don’t see why it can’t blossom into a beautiful relationship.”

Is he sure she’s totally over Nathan?
“He did wonder early on if she might be using him to make Nathan jealous but as they’ve got closer he realises she’s not.”

How does Nathan react to the romance?
“If he’s bothered, he doesn’t show it.”

How would Ryan feel if he discovered they’re actually half-brothers?
“Numb – as the shock would be so great. He would certainly see Nathan in a different light and maybe there would be a bond between them because Mark’s deceived them both.”

How’s he feeling about Mark now?
“He’s not as antagonistic towards him as he was but finding out that Mark is his father would undo everything. I can’t see him forgiving him for a long time – if ever.”

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