Emmerdale‘s James Sutton tells Soaplife of Ryan’s horror when he’s arrested for Mark’s murder…

How did Ryan feel when Mark’s body was found?
“Pretty freaked because he believed Mark had done his disappearing act again. And deep down I think he hoped that maybe one day he and Mark would be able to make up.”

Who does Ryan suspect could be the killer?
“Nathan becomes the prime suspect in Ryan’s head and in a few other people’s as well.”

Does Ryan fear he could become a suspect?
“Not at all. Obviously Ryan didn’t do it so he just wants to find out who did.”

Is Ryan aware that the police have shifted their attentions to him when they find a chain near Mark’s grave?
“Ryan is completely oblivious to the police investigation…”

How does he react when the police turn up and arrest him?
“Ryan really freaks out because he can’t understand why he is even a suspect. When they reveal they found his chain at Mark’s ‘grave’ and other evidence, Ryan is completely baffled. He can’t understand how everything is pointing to him when he is completely innocent.”

How does he try and defend himself when the police find his jacket covered in gun residue at Dale View?
“Ryan doesn’t have any answers. It’s like he’s caught in a mad nightmare.”

Does he suspect someone could have set him up?
“Yes… He immediately thinks of Nathan. Nathan’s the obvious choice.”

Ryan is charged with murder after the police find the gun at the garage – how does he feel?
“He can’t believe the police haven’t come to their senses and realised he’s innocent. To actually be charged with Mark’s murder is when it really hits home and he breaks down.”

Does Faye believe he’s innocent?
“Faye doesn’t want to believe he’s capable of murder, but with all the evidence pointing at Ryan even she has to question him which obviously really upsets him.”

What happens when he goes to court?
“He pleads not guilty, but is refused bail. It feels like the walls are beginning to close in on him.”

We don’t see Ryan as a quitter. Who does he turn to for help?
“He keeps pleading with Faye to do something and when Cain comes to visit, Ryan begs him to help too. Ryan realises there’s very little he can do while he’s in jail. As the evidence against him is overwhelming he also fears there seems very little anyone can do on the outside either.”

What about Maisie?
“Faye pleads with Maisie to visit him which she reluctantly does. But they argue and it’s clear she doubts his innocence. It hurts… but not as much as his own mother thinking he might have committed murder.”

We’d hate to see Ryan jailed for life. Do you think that will happen?
“Hopefully justice will out and he will be in the clear, but… You never know. The viewers will see a different side to Ryan as his frustration builds and he gets more and more isolated in prison. I don’t think Ryan will ever be the same again.”