Jamie Shelton ‘loves’ Robbie Lawson’s bad streak

Emmerdale newcomer Jamie Shelton has said he would love his screen alter ego Robbie Lawson to ‘corrupt’ the rest of the village.

Viewers have seen the actor, who plays businesswoman Megan Macey’s abandoned son, start to patch things up with his mum – although Jamie confessed he was fond of Robbie’s rebellious streak.

“I want him to get into trouble with people. I want him to try bigger things, take more risks, because he doesn’t care,” he said.

“I want him to live up to the title of being a bad boy. He’ll have a different relationship with everyone he meets, but every relationship he has is a selfish one, because he’s just thinking about himself and how he can benefit.”

“He is selfish and he is out for himself and I hope he starts to make bigger decisions where he is just out for himself,” Jamie added.

However the actor admitted he was surprised to have been getting so much support from viewers.

“I’ve been getting a nice reaction, getting recognised a little bit here and there,” he revealed. “But just good reactions really.

“People are interested in the relationship between Robbie and Megan. At the moment they seem to be saying ‘Isn’t Megan nasty?’ and I’m thinking, ‘Not really no, he’s the nasty one.’

“So I get the feeling they’re on his side at the moment. Some people say ‘nasty bit of work that Robbie is.’ But the majority seem to be on his side. Maybe that’ll change.”