Lisa Dingle thinks she’s doing right by the family when she agrees to talk to Joe, reveals Emmerdale’s Jane Cox. But Noah and Samson’s lives are in deadly danger…

Emmerdale’s Jane Cox has told Soaplife that Lisa Dingle makes a horrifying mistake when she falls for Joe’s lies, as Joe’s actions could have deadly consequences…

What’s the story?

Having had her head momentarily turned by Morris Blakey’s offer of a new house and a pile of cash, Lisa Dingle is now determined to save her home. She’s feeling hopeful when Joe Tate (the man we once knew as Tom Waterhouse) invites her to speak to an architect and lawyer at Home Farm.

“She was very tempted by the devil,” actress Jane Cox tells Soaplife. “But now she wants to save the homestead and she thinks Joe is sympathetic.”

It turns out he’s not and the diggers move in while Noah Dingle and Samson Dingle are inside in the house! Will they escape alive?

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Soaplife’s interview with Jane Cox

Soaplife: Is Lisa firmly on Zak’s side about saving their home?

Jane Cox: “She is now, although she did remind him that he’s being a bit of a hypocrite as he was ready to please Joanie Dingle and leave the house he loved so much for her. She’s fed up with how hard things are and, yes, she was very tempted by Morris’s offer of a lovely new house with en suites, etc. But she now she and Zak are really sticking together. She doesn’t want to fit in with the golf course plans.”

S: What does she make of Joe Tate?

JC: “She’s seen him chuck Debbie out of her house and she thinks he’s horrible, but then she talks to him and he says he remembers when he was little and Lisa helped when he fell off his bike. There’s a bit of softness there and he appears to sympathise with Lisa’s situation.”

S: Zak and Lisa are invited to a party at Home Farm… What happens?

JC: “When they get there, they’re feeling optimistic, but the lawyer and the architect that Lisa and Zak were set to talk to don’t turn up. Joe has manipulated the situation, so he can knock their house down while they are at the party. Zak gets stuck into the free booze and forgets all about the meeting.“

S: But Samson and Noah are alone in the house… Why are they there?

Lisa doesn’t know they are in the house. They’re with Charity and they decide to go and play at the Dingles’. They’re involved in their game when the bulldozers move in and they start knocking the place down…”

S: Will they be okay?

JC: “You’ll have to wait and see…”

S: Is the homestead a goner?

JC: “One wall of it is demolished. It’s incredible as they had to move everything in the entire Dingle set and move it into the village where they built an extension onto the homestead so they could knock it down. The actual Dingle house is a listed building, so they can’t touch it.”

S: How does Lisa feel about seeing the house ruined?

JC: “Absolutely devastated. She and Zak are just stood there in the mud completely shocked. Lisa says to Zak, ‘How can we ever fix this?’ and he says, ‘Brick by brick and stone by stone.’ They’re still determined not to be beaten by these people. “

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