Playing Miss Marple is no fun when Jasmine suspects Jamie of murder, reveals actress Jenna-Louise Coleman!

Why is Jasmine snooping around?
“It’s to do with Tom King’s murder. She was enraged by reporter McNally’s piece in the Courier which basically claimed Bob was the murderer, so she wants to help Jamie prove his dad’s innocence.”

But she ends up helping McNally…
“He offers to give her work experience if she’ll be his eyes and ears in the village.”

And she agrees?
“Yes. She’s in a fantastic position to find things out in Jamie’s household, at the vicarage where she lives and at the Dingles’ because she’s tutoring Belle.”

Is it just about finding out the truth?
“Not entirely. She wants to make a good job of working with McNally so it looks impressive on her uni application.”

Who does Jasmine think killed Tom?
“It’s ironic but as time goes on she becomes more convinced Jamie did it!”

Why does she suspect him?
“He went to bits when Bob was arrested on New Year’s Eve which was highly out of character. Jasmine also heard a row in which Viv asked Jamie to give himself up instead of letting Bob take the rap.”

Would she turn Jamie in if she had to?
“She’s going to find herself in a real moral dilemma. She wants to protect and help Jamie yet she wants to get at the truth which could mean exposing him. “

Would she lie to protect him?
“If it came to it she might shield him by being economical with the truth.”

Sounds like she’s all mixed up…
“Totally. Jasmine’s going to feel torn and it’s going to get worse as the days and weeks go by…”

Does Jamie know she suspects him?
“Not yet. Jamie tells her he’s innocent but she just might not be able to believe him.”