Emmerdale star Jason Merrells says he loved filming Declan Macey’s arrest as he is finding the story thrilling.

The businessman is set to be arrested and charged with murder when police uncover Alex Moss’s remains on his land. When builders told Declan they had found some unidentified remains on his planned glamping site, he tried to cover it up as he didn’t want it to prevent the festival he was organising.

Jason revealed Declan is ‘flabbergasted’ when he is charged with murder in Emmerdale, but he admitted: “I’m really enjoying the storyline a lot. It’s nice to have something really high stakes to play.”

Declan knows estranged wife Katie has tipped off the police.

Jason said: “When he’s in the cells, he threatens to implicate her, but he doesn’t. So I think he does love her, but he knows it’s over. He did really want it to work and it didn’t so that’s blackened the marriage for him.”

But the actor insisted being charged with murder and losing everything he has, after staking it on the festival, is not going to make Declan any less arrogant.

Jason said: “He’s pretty raw, but I think he’s also like a cornered animal.

“His only option is sell Home Farm or sell the village, so he decides on the village.”