Jealous Sam puts Megan in danger, reveals Emmerdale’s Gaynor Faye

Megan’s determined to get out of Emmerdale before Jai discovers she’s pregnant. But there’s a shocking turn of events, reveals Gaynor Faye.

Why is Megan still in the village?
“She has nowhere else to go. She has no money because Jai’s hidden it all away and everything she has is tied up in her business. Megan is waiting for Leyla [Roxy Shahidi] to buy her out. She also feels tied to the place because Robbie’s buried there. Plus it’s where she last saw him and her brother, Declan.”

How does she feel about Jai now?
“She despises him. She gave up so much for him and he’s turned her life upside-down. After all that she did in supporting him through his break-up with Charity [Emma Atkins], Megan can’t believe what Jai has done to her.”

She gets on better with Nikhil, right?
“It was a shock to see him back and, under different circumstances, things might have taken a different turn for them. She does say she married the wrong brother because he’s very supportive of Megan. Jai [Chris Bisson] is very jealous of how close they’ve become.”

What happens when Brenda finds out Megan is pregnant?
“That sends her into a panic. Besides, her bump is growing and it won’t be long before they all find out she’s expecting.”

What’s her plan?
“To get the money from the business and go. She’s helped when Nikhil [Rik Makarem] lends Leyla the money she needs to buy Megan out.”

But then things start to go wrong…
“Nikhil gives Megan the money and she hugs him. Sam [James Hooton] has been carrying a torch for Megan, but she has no idea. He sees their hug and, feeling jealous, he tells Jai he saw Megan and Nikhil together. He also lets slip Megan is leaving. And Jai gets an inkling that Megan is pregnant…”

And things get worse when Sam tries to make things right…
“He ties Jai up and puts him in a container. The question is: will he stay there until Megan is safely out of the way?”

Is there any way back for Megan and Jai?
“I can’t imagine there is for a second. If she stays in the village and the baby is OK, they might be able to co-parent, but there’s a lot of water under the bridge. She really loved him once and, deep down, she probably still does. But she knows how ruthless and dangerous he is.”

Emmerdale, ITV


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