Emmerdale star Jeff Hordley tells TV Times magazine why a quiet home life complements Cain’s dramas perfectly…

Portraying Cain must be exhausting!

“After a day playing Cain, I go home and think ‘Thank God I’m really boring.’ Boring is great. I like boring!”

You’ve been with your wife Zoe (Zoe Henry ,who plays Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk) for 18 years…

“Things were a bit livelier when we were in our twenties at drama school together. But you mellow and mature and I like it. I recently said, ‘Look at us now, children, dogs and normality!’ I’d hate to be Cain Dingle for real!”

The Bartons are blaming Cain for John’s death, and there’s even more drama for him at work this week…

“Yes, Cain walks into the garage and sees somebody messing about. There’s someone behind the car and he shouts ‘Oi, this is private property!’ Then he kind of sees that it’s Holly and quickly realises she’s taken an overdose. He helps her out and calls an ambulance.”

Does that mean he’s a changed man?

“It’s not that he’s suddenly turned into a nice guy. I think he would have done the same this time last year. He’s not a beast and Holly is in a bad way.”

So will bridges be built between him and the Bartons?

“Well, put it this way, some family members will thank him for it, but others still blame him for what happened to John.”

Will we be seeing more attempts on Cain’s life this year?

“Well, short of last year there haven’t been any before, but somebody in the cast suggested that perhaps they could try and kill Cain off four or five times a year and he can be the cat with nine lives. I don’t mind, as long as the character doesn’t die because I’m really enjoying it here at the moment!”

And your other passion is running. We understand you’re currently training to run this year’s London Marathon as part of the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research team sponsored by TV Times magazine

“Running is my drug. I’m just sat here in the dressing room with Tony Audenshaw. He gives me all my marathon tips. A couple of years ago, I ran the marathon and felt really dizzy during the last six miles. I said to myself ‘Never again’, but here I am two years later! It’s also the perfect antidote to playing Cain. If I am feeling a bit edgy, a run clears the cobwebs and I’m back to boring old me again!”