Emmerdale’s Nick Miles tells Soaplife Jimmy can’t believe he was ever in love with Nicola… and leaves her!

How’s Jimmy feeling now he’s home?

“He keeps getting headaches but this doesn’t bother him half as much as the amnesia he’s suffering. He’s so frustrated because he can’t remember anything.”

So he doesn’t recall Kelly attacking him?

“No – he doesn’t remember Kelly full stop. But then he doesn’t remember anyone – not Nicola, Angelica or Carl. He’s lost in this mental fog. It’s scary and confusing.”

Jimmy seems more comfortable around his brother than his wife…

“Yeah, well Carl doesn’t keep trying to get into bed with him! It’s more awkward being with Nicola because although he has no idea who she is he can see she’s very upset because he’s reacting in this way.”

What about apple-of-his-eye Angelica?

“Jimmy thinks, ‘Cute baby but she means nothing to me.’ He tells Nicola that she and Angelica are gorgeous but you can tell he’s only saying it because he feels he should.”

Does Jimmy mean it when he tells Carl he can’t understand ever loving Nicola?

“It’s very cruel, I know, but he’s just being honest. Nicola’s not the easiest person to love and there’s no real chemistry between them any more. The state he’s in, though, Jimmy would probably find it hard to have chemistry with any woman.”

What makes Jimmy tell Nicola he’s leaving her?

“He thinks it’s better for everyone. Nicola’s heartbroken but Jimmy feels it’s worse if he stays around, constantly rejecting her. He goes to Carl’s. Nicola begs him not to give up on her and Angelica. He feels sorry for her but nothing else.”

Nicola questions him about withdrawing money from his bank… Does he have any recollection of this?

“Absolutely none – and no idea what he wanted the money for either.”

As he’s forgotten his feelings for Nicola, might he fall in love with Kelly again?

“It might happen. Kelly’s in the village looking as sexy as ever and she’s all over him when she realises the situation and that she can totally manipulate him.”

Which girl is the love of Jimmy’s life?

“If and when his memory returns it has to be Nicola. She’s loyal to him and she’s the mother of his beloved child. Kelly killed his love for her when she said she’d aborted his baby for a modelling job… That says everything…”