Emmerdale Nick Miles tells Soaplife Jimmy’s cosy world is turned upside down when Kelly sneaks back into his life…

Is Jimmy happily settled with Nicola and baby Angelica?
“Very. They’ve been talking about having another baby and he’s very up for that.”

But now Kelly is back to haunt him…
“He suddenly got a phone call from her. She’s out to blackmail him for money.”

What’s she got over him?
“Let’s just say that Kelly seems to think she has a reason.”

Jimmy told Nicola the call was work. Why didn’t he tell her the truth?
“He’s like a rabbit caught in the headlights. He can’t think straight.”

So it’s Kelly’s call that’s responsible for the odd moods he’s having?
“Absolutely. It might help if he confided in someone, but he’s in no state to do that.”

Is Kelly also the reason why he rejects Nicola when she tries to get romantic?
“He can’t concentrate on being loving with all this other stuff going on in his head.”

Why does Jimmy flip out when Carl offers to do a haulage run for him?
“Jimmy had a bad time on his last run so Carl offers to step in. But Jimmy turns him down because it’s on this trip he’s planning to secretly meet up with Kelly.”

Why doesn’t he tell her where to go?
“He would normally but, er, there are complications which will be revealed.”

What are his feelings for Kelly?
“Confused. He was deeply in love with her.”

Would Jimmy ever cheat on Nicola?
“He’s not the cheating type. But then again, Kelly had a big hold on him.”

How do you feel about Adele Silva returning to Emmerdale as Kelly?
“It’s fantastic working with her again. This morning we were filming in the freezing cold. Adele, dressed as Kelly, was wearing next to nothing yet she never complained. From a storyline point of view it’s great too. Jimmy’s going to find himself caught between these two feisty women, Kelly and Nicola. I wouldn’t like to be him.”