Jo takes Andy for everything!

Jo’s got Andy‘s daughter, his home and his job, and Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallet warns that he’ll have a fight to get any of it back!

Jo finally takes action against Andy, taking on the farm and little Sarah, but he’s hardly going to take that lying down, is he?

“Jo tells Diane she doesn’t want Andy anywhere near her. Andy’s not happy, but Jo’s sure Diane can keep Andy under control.”

Andy’s angry when Diane refuses to let him see Jo and he begrudgingly accepts her offer to move into the pub…

“In spite of her new toughness, Jo’s still very vulnerable and she insists Andy is kept at a distance. The fact many of the villagers now know what Andy’s been doing to her is a help, plus she’s getting support from the Sugdens and the Dingles.”

Jo screamed she wanted Andy dead when he was impaled on that spike in the barn. Did she mean it?

“At the time it was the only thing she thought would end her torment. Jo saw a chance to escape.”

But Andy survived. Surely Jo doesn’t think he’ll accept she’s won?

“It’s not about having the upper hand. It’s about getting on with her life and making sure Sarah is safe.”

To this end, Jo agrees Andy can see Sarah only if Diane is there too… which doesn’t go down well with Debbie.

“Debbie and Zak try to stop the meeting and Jo’s angry. If Debbie hadn’t opposed the adoption Jo would have been able to protect Sarah by legal means. But as Debbie doesn’t want Sarah on a full-time basis Jo’s calling the shots.”

But she wobbles a little when she comes face-to-face with Andy when he and Diane drop Sarah back at the farm…

“Jo’s apprehensive, but realises she must stand up to Andy and she’s really strong. She dictates what his terms of access will be and warns him to abide by them… then hands him his suitcase.”

We all know Roxanne is leaving Emmerdale… Will Jo get out alive?

“The marriage is over. Jo’s looking forward to a life that doesn’t include Andy…” is all Roxanne will say.