Joe on life after Emmerdale: ‘I’d had enough’

Former Emmerdale star Joe Gilgun has admitted he’d ‘had enough’ of the soap by the time he left.

The actor, who played cheeky Eli Dingle from 2006, said there was no more that could be done with his character.

Joe, who quit Emmerdale in April, said: “It was dead sad to leave, but it was the right time to leave, certainly. I’d had enough. I think they’d had enough of me and I’d had enough of them. It was time to go.”

He added: “I don’t think there was much more we could do with Eli. He’d done a lot and I was happy with where I’d gone with him and I think they were too so why spoil a good thing?”

Joe now stars in Shane Meadows’ TV spin-off This Is England ’86, having had a part in the original film.

The actor conceded that the crew’s achievement at Emmerdale is “incredible”, but said: “It’d be disingenuous of me to say it wasn’t a breath of fresh air (doing the Meadows’ spin-off). It’s amazing. Nothing compares to the job we’ve just done.”

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