John Middleton: Ashley will be saved by his kids

Emmerdale actor John Middleton has said his screen alter ego Ashley Thomas is likely to be saved from homelessness again due to his devotion to his children.

The vicar’s life was already turned upside down after he ended up on the streets after his marriage troubles and caring for his elderly father proved too much.

And things are set to prove challenging for Ashley again after he learns his wife Laurel has rekindled her affair with Marlon – but John told Inside Soap magazine that he believes the character will cope this time.

He’s sensible enough not to throw himself on the bonfire of homelessness,” John said. “I think he’ll contact vicar Jude, or social services – even if he doesn’t know where he’ll go now.

“Ashley’s instincts are that if it wasn’t for his children, he should just leave the village once and for all. It looks like little Gabby and Arthur are the only reasons for him to stay around.”

However he added that it would be hard for Ashley to accept Laurel and Marlon’s relationship.

“This is beyond anything Ashley thought could happen. He’s in his current situation partly because of Laurel’s affair,” John admitted. But now he has to accept that things between him and Laurel are over for good.”

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