Emmerdale’s John Middleton reveals that Ashley’s about to discover rejecting Sally could ruin his life…

Ashley finally realises Sally thinks he’s in love with her… Is he sure he’s not?

“Absolutely. When she tried to kiss him he was genuinely horrified. He had no idea she was after him and that Laurel was right about her. But he still can’t quite believe she deliberately set out to kill Laurel. It’s just too fantastic.”

He’s now told her to leave the village… Any sign of her going?

“None. Sally tells him he can’t make her leave and she’s right. But Ashley desperately wants her out of his life. He knows there’s no way Laurel will even think about coming back to him while she’s still around.”

Is that why he decides that if she won’t leave, he will?

“Sally’s spreading rumours they’ve been having an affair and Diane tells Ashley to get away. He decides to take a sabbatical to spend time near Laurel. Sally’s livid when she finds out and takes drastic action.”

How drastic?

“She deliberately throws herself in front of Ashley’s car as he’s driving away. That’s when the penny finally drops. He sees the deranged look in her eyes and knows it’s no accident.”

Is she badly hurt?

“Not seriously but Ashley’s in hell. He realises he’s not dealing with a rational person… that Sally’s deranged and she did try to kill Laurel.”

Is he frightened of what she might do next?

“Very. If Sally can’t have him he’s sure she’ll do what she can to ruin him.”

Do you mean she’ll ruin his career as well as his marriage?

“It’s very possible Sally will go to the bishop and make big trouble. As
a married man-of-the-cloth Ashley’s private life has to be scandal-free.”

What if Sally tries to kill herself? Actress Sian Reeves who plays her has hinted she might…

“Then he’d blame himself. He’d think that by not loving her he’d killed her. The guilt would be crushing…”

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