Jo’s wedding ISN’T what every girl dreams of

It isn’t ideal when Jo marries Andy in prison, but Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett says all they need is love!

Jo tells Andy she doesn’t want to get married in prison. How does he react?

“It’s like his world falls apart. But in her dreams Jo wanted a big day with all the trimmings. She was devastated when her original wedding had to be cancelled.”

So what makes her change her mind?

“Her love for Andy. After a fight in prison his spirits are at rock bottom and Jo realises he needs to know she does really love him and tells him she’ll marry him in jail.”

And then she goes and kisses Ross on her hen night. Why?

“That’s an accident! Jo’s surprise hen night is a disaster when she overhears Louise and Val gossiping about how awful it would be to get married in jail.”

And how does Ross fit in?

“Jo gets very upset and Ross ends up taking her home. She’s had a few drinks and she kisses him. It’s not that she wants to cheat on Andy; it’s a symptom of her missing him and feeling lonely and vulnerable.”

Does she regret it then?

“She feels really bad. She realises immediately she shouldn’t have done it. You can tell how committed she is to Andy because she feels so awful. She wants to forget the kiss with Ross ever happened… and fortunately he agrees.”

How does she feel on the wedding day?

“Not exactly as ecstatic as she should. Getting married in prison really isn’t nice. It helps that Jack offers to give her away… he knows she is sacrificing her dreams.”

Does the ceremony go OK?

“It’s far from perfect but Jo and Andy are finally married. Andy’s her future and she wants to settle down with him… when he’s freed.”

It must be sad having to spend her wedding night without him.

“It is… but that’s not the worst of it by far. She gets attacked!”

By who?

“She thinks she’s on her own at the farm but an ex-con called Charlie breaks in. He’s only recently been freed and Andy and he were enemies in prison.”

What does he do?

“He tries to force himself on her, but she puts a real fight. She bites his tongue when he tries to kiss her then knees him in the groin and threatens to call the police.”

Does she manage to scare him off?

“Put him off maybe, but not scare. He warns her not to involve the police and threatens he’ll be back.”

And we hear to add to her problems Jake sees her with Charlie…

“He sees what he thinks is them making love. He doesn’t see Jo fight Charlie off which could mean a whole lot more trouble that she doesn’t need!”