Emmerdale’s Roxanne Pallett reveals that Jo won’t give up until she’s won Andy from Katie.

Is Jo still trying to steal Andy from Katie?
“Absolutely. More than ever in fact. She wants her man and she intends to get him. He’s everything she wants in a partner and represents the stability and security Jo craves. All her hopes and dreams are wrapped up in Andy. It’s not just about stealing him off Katie that matters – not any more. It goes much deeper than that.”

What’s her game plan?
“Jo’s simply being herself. She’s no longer being flirty and suggestive. She’s hoping Andy will see her for what she really is. Since she opened up to him about her difficult childhood and family life, there’s been a real bond between them. It’s a slow burner. She’s prepared to play a long game to get him. She knows he’s not the kind of bloke to change his life overnight.”

Won’t she get just a little impatient though?
“It is frustrating that he’s still with Katie, but the dynamics have changed. Andy and Jo now have this connection and it seems like Andy, Jo and baby Sarah are the little unit – and Katie is the outsider. But, like I say, Jo recognises she’s going to have to bide her time.

And she feels no guilt over what she’s doing?
“She wants Andy. And she’s used to working hard to get what she wants. It’s how she’s learned to be so manipulative. She totally focuses on herself and her needs – she doesn’t take other people’s feeling into consideration at all.”

Other people like Katie?
“Like Katie. There’s only one Andy to go round and Jo’s going to get him.”

We hear that her next step might be to make Andy jealous…
“There is someone about to arrive and something will happen, but I’m not saying what. Let’s just say the writers are having a lot of fun with Jo!”

If Andy was to choose Jo over Katie, might she lose interest once she’d got him?
“Jo’s the type of girl you would imagine would get bored once the challenge was over. I think she has been that girl in the past, but this thing with Andy is different. He’s ‘the one’ as far as Jo is concerned.”

Why doesn’t Jo try and find a man less complicated?
“Who ever falls for a guy who looks good on paper! The fact that Andy’s hard to get makes Jo all the more determined to make him hers.”