Just say neigh! Emmerdale’s Adam Barton ends up in hospital after taking horse drugs

Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas reveals to Soaplife that Adam Barton is in self-destruct mode – and not even Moira can stop him hurting himself…

Adam has been slowly unravelling since he found out his uncle is really his father and his cousins are really his half-brothers. His drinking caused an accident that has crippled Andy… So, best stop, eh? No. Not Adam. He carries on drinking – and mixes the alcohol with drugs. “The news that James is his real dad has sent him off the rails,” says actor Adam, “and I don’t think he will ever come to terms with it.”

Does Adam have a plan – besides being nasty to everyone?
“He wants to earn some money and get out of the village basically. That’s a bit difficult because he hasn’t got a job. He’s finding it hard to be in Emmerdale at the moment and it doesn’t help that Katie is now with Andy.”

And James (Bill Ward) is there…
“He hates James. It’s a massive thing to find out your dad is not really your dad and you suddenly have three half-brothers. Adam just doesn’t know how to handle it, which is why he’s drinking.”

And why he’s treating his mum so badly?
“Yes. Adam can’t find it in himself to forgive her. He feels like he has been lied to all of his life. I don’t think things will ever be back to the way they were. Adam’s in a really bad place with his family at the moment.”

So what on earth makes him turn to rotten Ross (Michael Parr)?
“Adam’s struggling. He doesn’t want to work for his mum any more and he can’t be at the farm. He’s trying to get a job, but nothing has turned up. Ross comes up with an idea and although Adam knows he’s a bit dodgy, he sees the pound signs.”

Does he see sense when he finds out Finn (Joe Gill) was attacked because of Ross?
“That shocks him, but he uses it to his advantage and tries to blackmail Ross. He says he will tell Finn that he was behind the attack unless he sorts a job out for him.”

But then he steals drugs from Vanessa (Michelle Hardwick)… 
“He finds two containers that have fallen out of Vanessa’s bag. He tries to get Pete to sell them, but Pete doesn’t want anything to do with it.”

So Robbie (Jamie Shelton) and Adam take the drugs?
“Yes. They have a really good time, but then it all goes wrong. Adam collapses, has a fit and ends up in hospital.”

How does Moira (Natalie J Robb) react?
“She drags Adam to a drug house, but he knew what was coming as Holly used to do drugs. He doesn’t want to listen to his mum; he’s in self-destruct mode.”

So, so things get worse for Adam?
“Yes, he’s on a rocky road. Fingers crossed he comes out on the right side, but the way things are going there’s no telling. I feel for Adam, but it’s great for me. The other Barton lads are amazing to work with and Natalie is, too. It’s been fun being part of the Barton family, but I’m buzzing to have this big, dramatic storyline. Sometimes, though, it’s hard for me to play the bad guy because I’m always having a laugh on set.”

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