‘Katie’s feelings for Andy creep up on her,’ reveals Emmerdale’s Sammy Winward

Emmerdale’s Sammy Winward tells Soaplife that Katie isn’t looking for romance with Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) – but it looks like romance finds them…

Katie starts getting involved after Andy’s accident. Why?
“She was at the farm when he had the accident, so went in the ambulance with him. Then, when he gets an infection and passes out at home, she happens to be there, too. There’s a strong friendship between them and, also, there’s some common ground. Katie knows what it’s like to be hurt in an accident as she fell down a mine shaft, remember.”

Is she worried about upsetting Bernice?
“Katie really likes Bernice and they’ve never clashed before. Katie doesn’t actually think she’s doing anything to upset Bernice. Her feelings for Andy creep up on her and she does feel really awful about it afterwards.”

How do they end up kissing?
“It’s after Andy has passed out because his arm is infected. Katie goes with Andy to the hospital. I think he’s high on painkillers when they get home. Anyway, it kind of just happens.”

And afterwards?
“Katie’s embarrassed and basically runs off, but it is the point where she realises she has feelings for Andy. Bernice sees the whole thing, but Katie and Andy don’t realise at the time. You can expect fireworks!”

We can imagine! Can Andy and Katie live happily ever after?
“Well, this is soap, so that’s unlikely, but it would be nice. I think viewers will be pleased because they’re always asking me when Katie and Andy are going to get back together.”

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