Kelli Hollis: ‘I’ve always loved Madonna!’

Emmerdale actress Kelli Hollis talks TV Times magazine about dressing up as Madonna for us…

Are you a big Madonna fan?

“I’ve loved Madonna ever since I was a young girl and people have often said we share a resemblance – I think it’s because we both have a mole under our nose!”

What did you make of the outfits we dressed you in?

“I actually preferred wearing the cone one because the Material Girl photo (pictured) was a bit provocative because I had to put my finger in my mouth!”

Have you ever seen Madonna live?

“Unfortunately, I’ve never seen her in concert. The nearest I got was sitting outside the stadium with my friends when she played years ago in Leeds when I was a kid.”

What’s your favourite Madonna song?

“Like A Prayer.”

Back in Emmerdale, we’ve seen your character Ali admit that she can’t read or write…

“I’ve been asked to get involved with a literacy charity. I went to the Yorkshire and Humberside Adult literacy Awards recently and I met a lot of people from there and I’m now getting involved in some actual reading groups.”

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