Kelly and Jimmy discuss their big day

Mismatched lovers Jimmy King and Kelly Windsor have their wedding on Tuesday. But Emmerdale stars Adele Silva and Nick Miles warn of troubles ahead.


How does Kelly feel about her wedding day?

“She’s excited but she wants to get

it over as soon as possible. She just wants to be Mrs Jimmy King.”

So she does love Jimmy?

“Yes she does. More than anything.”

Has she forgotten her problems in the whirlwind of wedding preparations?

“No, but now it’s got to the point where she knows she’s just got to get on with it. She wants to make a fresh start with Jimmy.”

But there’s stuff he doesn’t know about…

“Yes… Kelly’s worried Carrie will tell Jimmy about the abortion. But Carrie tells her she won’t say anything because Kelly knows Carrie’s secret that Lexi’s her daughter.”

She might change her mind!

“She might but if she does her own secret will be made public. Kelly will see to that. So Kelly and Carrie have an uneasy truce…”

Is there anyone else who might try to ruin their big day?

“Jimmy’s brothers don’t approve of Kelly joining their family, but I doubt they’d go as far as trying to stop the wedding. They don’t respect Kelly and call her names, but it doesn’t go any further than that.”

So how does the wedding day go?

“It’s a soap wedding so it’s obviously not going to be straightforward, is it? It’s fair to say that there are… complications.”

What kind of complications?

“You know I can’t say! Here’s a clue though. Things start going wrong pretty much from the start.”

Like when Jimmy finds out about Kelly’s kiss with Eli?

“Yes. Kelly’s horrified, but Jimmy forgives her for it.”

We know Kelly leaves the village. Does Jimmy go with her?

“It’s a possibility. It all depends on what happens at the wedding. It could be that Kelly’s modelling career suddenly takes off again and after an extended honeymoon she goes on to pursue that. There are several ways it all might end…”

You’re taking a break. What are your plans?

“I’ve just done Hell’s Kitchen which was great fun but I also plan on having a rest. I’ll be back in Emmerdale some time next year. Don’t ask me how, but Kelly does return!”


How sure is Jimmy that Kelly really is the girl for him?

“Completely, totally and utterly sure. He has no doubts about marrying her even though his brothers think he’s making a big mistake. Jimmy’s nervous about the wedding though. He’s worried Kelly might not turn up!”

Does Jimmy think Kelly loves him?

“Certainly. I think she loves him too.”

He finds out just before the ceremony that Kelly cheated on him with Eli, doesn’t he?

“Yes. Scarlett finds out, but Carl’s the one to break the news.”

How does he feel?

“Devastated. He confronts Kelly, but then he agrees to put it behind them and heads off to church.”

But suppose he found out about Kelly’s abortion?

“It would be a disaster because he’s so passionately desperate to have kids.

I don’t think he’d be able to forgive Kelly for it. He may forgive her for kissing Eli but not for aborting his baby.”

Carrie knows about the abortion. How does he feel about her?

“Jimmy’s not very bright at the best of times, but he’s particularly dense when it comes to women! He has no idea Carrie’s after him – not even when she kissed him after a few drinks. He sees Carrie as a good friend and that’s all.”

If Carrie did tell Jimmy about the abortion, would he thank her?

“I don’t actually think he would. He’d think she’d ruined his happiness.”

Who is more likely to stop the wedding – Jimmy or Kelly?

“I don’t think either of them will want to stop it – but… It’s a brilliant one-hour script with loads of ups and downs.I cried three times when I read it!”

If they don’t get married will Jimmy ever be able to trust

a woman again?

“Doubtful I’d say. It’ll break him. If Kelly does a runner I can see him pining for her for months or even years. Jimmy’s loyal – like a big dog.”

Do you think Jimmy and Kelly make a good couple?

“I think everyone’s been surprised at what a good couple they make. Everyone seems to love Jimmy and Kelly. Adele and I certainly enjoy working together.”

We know Adele’s leaving Emmerdale for a while – so does Jimmy go with Kelly or not?

“He might do! I’ve taken breaks before.”