Kelly’s a mum… and Jimmy’s the dad!

Emmerdale’s Nick Miles tells Soaplife that Kelly’s bomshell revelation leaves Jimmy stunned.

Has Kelly’s appearance in the village jogged any memories for Jimmy?

“Not really. He happens to bump into Kelly and he is drawn to her, though, despite the fact that Carl’s already tried to warn him off. Kelly tells him they were once together.”

So he doesn’t know who she is?

“He has no idea. Jimmy tells Carl he’s met this woman who’s told him they have a history. Carl’s clearly uneasy about this which makes Jimmy become even more paranoid. He starts to wonder who’s telling him the truth and who’s lying to him.”

Why is he drawn to Kelly?

“He finds her attractive plus she seems sweet and gentle – everything Nicola isn’t at the moment.”

How does Jimmy feel when Carl tricks him into missing his meeting with Kelly?

“He’s extremely angry. He feels that she might be the key to everything – in fact he’s sure she is – and doesn’t understand why nobody’s being very forthcoming about who she is.”

How does he feel when Carl tells him that Kelly’s saying she and Jimmy were having an affair?

“He’s shocked, but believes it as much as anything else he’s been told. He’s confused – like he is about everything. He just wants to get at the truth.”

How does Jimmy react when he and Nicola see Kelly in the village with a child in tow?

“He pretends he doesn’t know who Kelly is, although he has already bumped into her and they’ve chatted. I think it’s maybe because he’s nervous. Carl has told him Kelly’s a woman from his past so he doesn’t want to say anything about it to Nicola.”

What happens when he later meets Kelly in secret and she reveals that the boy, Elliot, is his son?

“Jimmy’s completely stunned. All Jimmy has ever wanted is a family of his own and so he’s completely bowled over by the fact that he may have a son. It’s very exciting for him but, at the same time, completely shocking. This is a three-year-old boy he’s being presented with. It’s hard for him to take in. But at the same time, it’s no stranger than meeting Angelica because he didn’t know who she was, either. So in a way, his son seems as valid to Jimmy as his daughter.”

Does he believe Kelly?

“Poor Jimmy doesn’t know who to believe. He gives equal weight to whatever he’s told which is infuriating to Nicola, Carl and Scarlett.”

How does Jimmy react when he finds out Kelly has already had a paternity test done and he is definitely the father?

“Carl says the test is a fake, but it isn’t apparently – to be honest, I don’t know whether it is or not at the moment.”

Will Jimmy tell Nicola what’s going on?

“He knows she has to be told and is very concerned about exactly when and what he’ll tell her. He’s aware that he’s really hurt her. The last thing he wants is her finding out from anyone else.”

How will she react?

“She’s Nicola – she’ll be furious. She might not believe it, but she’ll know how much it’ll mean to Jimmy if it is true. She’ll probably fly into a rage.”

Is he beginning to remember how much he loves Nicola and Angelica or is it still a blank?

“It’s still an absolute blank. He doesn’t feel good about it, but there’s not a lot he can do. Nicola, Carl and the rest of the family keep telling him things, but they don’t mean anything to him.”

Is Jimmy falling in love with Kelly all over again?

“He’s certainly warming towards her – especially after she shows him the vows he wrote at what should have been their wedding ceremony. They really touch him and he says words to the effect of, ‘I didn’t know I had it in me‘. He knows it means he must have loved her at one time. It makes him look at Kelly with very different eyes. And it also makes him very distrustful of what he’s being told by his family.”

Could he find himself in a situation where he has to choose between Nicola and Angelica, and Kelly and Elliot? And who would he choose?

“It’s not exactly looking good for team Nicola at the moment. She’s not the kind of woman to forgive things easily. Nicola and Anjelica were everything to Jimmy before the accident, but now they mean no more to him than Kelly and Elliot. Kelly’s probably winning right now. She’s being kind, gentle and understanding whereas Nicola just keeps having a go at him. But Nicola and Jimmy were one heck of a couple and there’s a lot of life in that relationship. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.”

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