If there’s one thing Kelly loves it’s money and she knows just how to part Jimmy from his says Adele Silva!

Is Kelly’s main reason for fleecing Jimmy really revenge for Dawn’s death?
Of course not! Her family were appalled when she took up with a King after Dawn’s death so Kelly made out using Jimmy was her way of getting back at the Kings. But she didn’t mean it. However, by cleaning Jimmy out she will be getting some kind of revenge…

Revenge for what exactly?
For dumping her when they were together before. Plus she thinks he’ll dump her again before too long so she wants to get as much as she can before that happens.

Is Jimmy falling for Kelly?
He just might be… He’s started to rely on her. He’s been having a very bad time since his father was murdered. Kelly cheers him up.

Does she have any idea he’s started having feelings for her?
She has an inkling, although she’s not entirely sure – or maybe she’s just not bothered!
Might Kelly start caring for Jimmy, too?
It wouldn’t surprise me as they both feel isolated from their families. And as time goes on viewers may see Kelly wanting and needing Jimmy for more than just his money.

Does she see herself as the new Mrs King?
Yes. Being the wife of a rich man and never wanting for anything is Kelly’s dream. But she’s not patient enough to play a long game. She hates working and needs money now.

Isn’t she worried Jimmy will suss her out?
Emotionally no, but she doesn’t want the money to dry up. And she’s rattled when he accuses her of using him to get money for the failed spa idea.

How does she get round him?
She tells him his suggestions hurt her and she puts on such a good act he tells her if she ever needs anything she can come to him.

Doesn’t that make her feel at all guilty?
Scott thinks that’s just what will happen, that Kelly will start feeling sorry for Jimmy then won’t go through with her plan.

Is he right?
When Kelly asks Jimmy to pay for another boob job to help her modelling career it doesn’t look that way. But someone from her past is about to come back into her life and it will change all her games! For once money isn’t going to be her driving force…