Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher has revealed that the kiss between Andy and Katie Sugden is highly unexpected.

Fans will be surprised when Andy (played by Kelvin) and his ex-wife Katie (Sammy Winward) share a passionate snog in scenes that will be screened on Emmerdale next month, despite the farmer being in a new relationship with Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles).

The 30-year-old told Digital Spy: “I think people will sympathise with Bernice. When Andy has the kiss with Katie, it’s just a moment where they’re both overwhelmed and it catches them by surprise.”

Andy finds himself in the awkward situation after turning to Katie for support, as he struggles with his injuries following the aftermath of a nasty accident.

“You don’t really see it coming. They’re just two friends and Katie has been helping him out after the accident, because he’s so distraught with his injury and the implications of it,” the actor explained.

“This kiss just happens when Andy’s had a bit of good news from the hospital after weeks of poor news. He’s somewhat happier and he goes in for a kiss. He’s misreading the situation, but Katie does kiss him back.”

Meanwhile, his co-star Samantha said Andy and Katie’s reunion will be short-lived, but the damage caused to her character will be heartbreaking.

The 42-year-old said: “They break away and say, ‘Oh God, what have we done?’ They go their separate ways, but unfortunately Bernice is watching the whole thing from the window. She sees it all, so what could have been nothing is found out straight away…”