Emmerdale star Thomas Atkinson reveals that Lachlan may be plotting to murder his own aunt to keep his deadly car crash secret.

Lachlan White’s killing spree may not be over yet and Rebecca may be his next victim. Thomas Atkinson has revealed all to Soaplife!

What’s the story?

Years of unhinged behaviour towards his family finally saw the unstable teen cause the deaths of mum Chrissie and granddad Lawrence. With aunty Rebecca still clinging on to life in a coma, Lachlan should be willing her to live. But Rebecca knows that he is to blame for the horror crash

“He is not in a good way,” actor Thomas Atkinson has revealed to Soaplife. “He hates what he’s done and feels horribly guilty.”

What will happen to Lachlan if the truth comes out?

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Soaplife’s interview with Thomas Atkinson about what Lachlan will do next…

Soaplife: Why did Lachlan react so badly to Chrissie’s idea of emigrating?

Thomas Atkinson: “He wanted to be with Belle. They were trying to get a flat together and then Chrissie forced Belle to finish with Lachlan. He was so devastated he reached a point where he didn’t care if anybody lived or died. It put him into a really bad headspace and he genuinely felt he would be better off dead.”

S: What was it like filming the crash scenes?

TA: “We were put in this contraption that spun around and there was lots of rubber glass flying around that went in our ears and up our noses. It was good fun though.”

S: How do you feel about being one of the few remaining Whites?

TA: “I’ve been in the show for three years now and I was with Louise and John from the start. I was only 15 and got very attached to them. It is very strange that they’ve gone and it is just me and Emily left.”

S: How is Lachlan doing post crash?

TA: “He has grown a lot closer to Belle and the Dingles and it is almost as if his life is better in a way. He is finally happy with people who actually care about him and don’t just see him as a freak who has done some terrible things. Of course he feels guilty about what happened, but it almost feels like a good thing, a fresh start.”

S: Does this mean he’ll stop behaving weirdly?

TA: “Maybe for a bit – we’ll see!”

S: Rebecca knows he caused the crash – might he kill her to shut her up?

TA: “His instinct is to try and keep her quiet, but she hasn’t woken up yet, so he doesn’t know if she’s going to remember everything. There has been a head injury. If he did kill her, it wouldn’t be a cold-blooded murder, it would be him wanting to protect his life with Belle and the Dingles. However, he does genuinely like Rebecca and at the end of the day, she is the only family he’s got left.”

S: Is Rebecca close to waking?

TA: “Well, she twitches, but what he has to worry about most at this time is his mobile as he called Gerry on the day of the crash and left an incriminating voice mail. He suggests to Belle that they both listen to the message and that could expose Lachlan’s secret.”

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