Emmerdale’s Laura Norton: ‘Daz reminds Kerry of her homeless past!’

Kerry Wyatt is determined to build bridges between brothers Dan and Daz Spencer in Emmerdale and star Laura Norton explains why…

While Dan Spencer can barely bring himself to look at his big brother Daz, Kerry s determined to help him in Emmerdale. Having been homeless herself in the past, she wants Daz to be given a second chance.

“Daz has a profound effect on Kerry,” actress Laura Norton told Soaplife. “She can’t let it go and is determined to get Dan on board.”

Does Daz cause friction between Kerry and Dan?
“He does, but there are also moments where he brings them closer together.”

Why is she so determined to help Daz?
“Because Daz reminds her of her own past, when she was at rock bottom. This is something she hasn’t shared with anybody until now. It is an opportunity to make amends for all the mistakes that she has made. Daz hadn’t returned to the village, as he felt sure that Dan would shut the door in his face, but Kerry wants to make him feel welcome.

“He’s got himself into some bad situations and deserves a break. Kerry is convinced that she can help him and make herself feel better in the process.”

Why didn’t Kerry tell Dan she was once homeless?
“She’s mega embarrassed about it. Telling someone something like that is quite exposing as they might not love you in the same way or it could make them look at you differently. Her insecurities are too big for her to have let that one rip. Dan is shocked by it, but he is very supportive. He takes Kerry for what she is, that’s the beauty of their relationship.”

What does Kerry think when Dan refuses to bury the hatchet?
“She’s frustrated. She believes that Daz is being genuine when he says that he has changed and wants to make up for all the bad things he has done.”

Does Dan change his mind about Daz?
“Things do thaw between them. Daz hurts his wrist and Dan tends to it in the camper van as he agrees that his brother can sleep there. The two of them talk about old times.”

Is Daz going to cause problems?
“It is going to be an emotional journey for all of them – it will be the usual blend of comedy and more serious stuff.”

Will Daz try to kiss Kerry again?
“Right now, he has a completely different mindset to how he was when he made a move on Kerry, so it’s not on the cards.”

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