‘Laurel calls the police in. She hopes Emma might crack,’ says Emmerdale’s Charlotte Bellamy

Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas is convinced Emma Barton murdered James and she aims to find proof. But Emma’s on to her… Charlotte Bellamy reveals all

While most of the village remains fooled by Emma Barton’s new holier-than-thou character, Laurel Thomas knows Emma’s halo is badly tarnished. She’s sure Emma had a hand in James’s death and she’s determined to find out the truth.

“Laurel believes Emma killed James,” Charlotte Bellamy told Soaplife. “The trouble is, nobody else is convinced and she’s starting to look crazier than Emma! Just when Laurel thinks she has something on her, Emma gets out of it. She twists things to make it look as if Laurel is the mad and unreasonable one.”

So Laurel quizzes Emma’s son, Finn (Joe Gill), doesn’t she?
“She tries to have a chat with him about Emma [Gillian Kearney] and James and why his mum behaved so oddly at the court hearing about James’s death. But, as they’re talking, Emma unexpectedly returns, so Laurel leaves.”

And goes to talk to Bob, right?
“Yes. She tells Bob [Tony Audenshaw] about her suspicions and she hopes he’s on side. But she doesn’t realise that Emma is listening in!”

What does Emma do?
“She turns up at Laurel’s and confronts her and Laurel is even more convinced of her guilt.”

What does Laurel do next?
“She calls the police. She’s aware she hasn’t got any evidence, but she hopes Emma might crack.”

Will getting the police involved work?
“Emma might just be too clever for that. And she believes she’s got God on her side! But Emma’s newfound religion turns out to be her weakness as the story progresses.”

Is Laurel afraid of Emma?
“She’s starting to realise how dangerous Emma is.”

Will there be a catfight?
“Laurel’s not a fighter, but she’s passionate, so this is certainly going to push her.”

Congratulations on your recent British Soap Award for Best Actress, too!
“Thanks. You could probably tell from my face that I wasn’t expecting it. That night was something I’ll never forget.”

Emmerdale, ITV

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