Charlotte Bellamy reveals Laurel gets smashed at a party and lies to cover her booze secret in Emmerdale

How bad is Laurel’s drink problem?

“She can’t get through the day without a shot of vodka  every now and then. Things are getting worse and she’s getting the shakes. She’s hiding the evidence from Marlon [Mark Charnock], but she’s in total denial.”

Why won’t she confide in Marlon?

“She can’t allow Marlon to find out her secret. She’s living in his house and she’s totally dependent on him.”

How does she react when Marlon suggests they go to Scott’s wedding?

“She’s daunted by the prospect because, if she goes away, she won’t be able to have the shots of vodka she needs.” 

How does she get out of it?

“Kerry [Laura Norton] mentions a party she’s holding, and Laurel lies and says she has to host a pamper party.”

What happens at Kerry’s party?

“Laurel’s on her own without Marlon and the kids, so she enjoys herself. She’s so excited about being able to drink freely that she drinks too much and ends up off her face.”

What do people think when Laurel gets blind drunk?

“They’re baffled as she’s normally quite prim and proper.”

How does Doug react?

“Doug [Duncan Preston] cleans her up and makes sure she doesn’t choke on her own vomit. He’s really worried about her, but Laurel has an answer for everything – she didn’t eat, she can’t mix spirits. and someone spiked her drink…”

Is she afraid Doug will tell Marlon?

“Yes. But on top of that, she’s thinking ‘Will April reveal what happened to her?’”

How bad is Laurel’s drinking going to get?

“It’s starting to take over her life. And it is going to get a whole lot worse…”