Emmerdale’s John Bowe: Lawrence is ‘damaged goods’ and ready to do anything

The truth about Lawrence White’s gay past is out in Emmerdale and it drives him to pick up a gun, actor John Bowe reveals to Soaplife

The truth about Lawrence White’s gay past is out in Emmerdale and it drives him to pick up a gun, actor John Bowe reveals to Soaplife…

Lawrence (John) has been desperate to save his marriage to Bernice, hasn’t he?
“Yes. He thinks that it will be OK if he manages to consummate their relationship. He takes some drugs to help him in that area and ends up keeling over in the cafe.”

That’s a passion killer! How does Bernice react?
Lawrence tells Andy about it and Andy [Kelvin Fletcher] wrongly suggests to Bernice [Samantha Giles] that he took the pills for Ronnie’s benefit. He also tells her that Lawrence visited Ronnie when he was in hospital.”

So she sets a trap for Lawrence, doesn’t she?
“She sets Lawrence up. She arranges a hotel room and he thinks she is going to turn up, but she steals Lawrence’s phone and texts Ronnie [John McArdle], asking to see him. Ronnie turns up and Lawrence is like, ‘What are you doing here?’”

What happens?
“Lawrence is angry and ends up throwing a bottle at Ronnie. But they do manage to talk civilly. It’s a revisiting of their relationship, that was born out of Lawrence’s experience in prison and the aversion therapy that deeply damaged him. He explains that he loves Bernice – but, as he is speaking, she is on her way to the airport.”

What was the nature of Lawrence’s past relationship with Ronnie?
When he came out of prison, his relationship with his wife and Ronnie were like a triumvirate of understanding and sympathy. It was terribly important to Lawrence at the time and helped him recover from the traumatic experiences in prison. It was a loving relationship as he had an open marriage; hence Chrissie [Louise Marwood] is his daughter from AN Other.”

Is Lawrence gay?
As far as I’m concerned he is asexual. He doesn’t have a physical manifestation of his love, but he has an emotional one.”

Do you feel sorry for him?
Yes, he is damaged goods and I feel his pain. He is confused, upset and desperate to protect these relationships that are falling through his hands like water.”

What happens when he gets hold of a gun?
Bernice has left him and he cracks. He unravels. He does love his wife, but it’s complicated. He takes a shot at Ronnie’s windscreen and at a photograph of Bernice.”

Are you enjoying the storyline?
Yes and I think it’s great that we are normalising homosexuality. It’s time for the world to wake up to the fact that if one human being loves another, it is not hurting anybody. I haven’t had any homophobic responses to the story whatsoever.”

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