Leyla cheats with Nathan!

Emmerdale’s Rokhsaneh Ghawam-Shahidi warns Leyla’s in big trouble when Nathan turns from nice to nasty!

Why is Leyla messing around with Nathan?

“She doesn’t really realise she is. She loves David but he’s so busy they’re not spending time together and Nathan’s exploiting it.”

Does Leyla realise Nathan’s trying to split up her and David?

“Not at all. Nathan’s being very clever. He’s being nice to Leyla but by getting David more work it appears he’s being nice to him too.”

Nathan tricks Leyla into going to a concert with him. How does he do that?

“David’s supposed to be going too but can’t when Nathan puts extra work his way. Leyla has a great time and Nathan manipulates her into going out the next night as well.”

And that’s when things take a turn for the worse we hear?

“Nathan makes out it’s a work-related event. But after Leyla’s had a few drinks he kisses her and she realises she quite fancies him.”

Do they kiss again?

“I’m afraid to say they do – and the rest… Leyla goes back to Home Farm and sleeps with Nathan! It’s a moment of utter madness. As soon as it’s over she realises she’s made a terrible mistake. She loves David and realises how she’s risked everything for a cheap thrill.”

Does she make it clear to Nathan that she regrets going to bed with him?

“Absolutely. And Nathan’s not happy.”

Gennie lends her money to pay Nathan back the £250 she stole… Does it help?

“Of course not. Nathan’s loving the power that he now has over Leyla. ‘Nice’ Nathan disappears very quickly. He implies she’s not going to get off that lightly.”

Is she worried that Nathan is dangerous?

“When he starts blackmailing her she begins to suspect he isn’t just nasty but he’s also psychologically unhinged.”

Might she confess her one-night stand to David?

“If she told David it would instantly weaken the hold Nathan has on her but she could well lose David. But it might be a gamble she’ll have to consider.”

In Leyla’s shoes, who would you go for?

“David if I wanted a loving relationship. Nathan if I just fancied a crazy weekend!”

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