‘There are some huge revelations coming up!’ teases Emmerdale star Liam Fox

Dan's world has fallen apart since he discovered he is not Amelia's biological dad. But Emmerdale star Liam Fox warns there are more shocks to come...

Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) is knocked for six when he finds out he’s not Amelia’s dad!

What’s the story?
Dan has been at odds with his brother Daz since a DNA test revealed Daz is Amelia’s biological dad. But how long will it be before teenager Amelia discovers the shock secret her family are hiding from her?

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Liam Fox’s interview with Soaplife about what’s next for Dan Spencer and Amelia…

Soaplife: How did you feel when you heard the twist Dan is not Amelia’s dad?

Liam Fox: “Dan is really upset about not being Amelia’s real dad, and it actually felt upsetting for me as an actor too. I came to Emmerdale with the characters of Ruby, Ali, Sean and Amelia and she was the only one left. There is a bit of history there between Dan and Amelia.”

S: Does Dan resent Daz over it?

LF: “It is complex as they have always had a love/hate relationship. The last thing he wants now is to lose the last bit of family he has left which is Daz. He lost him once and doesn’t want to do it again even though he has constantly let Dan down over the years. He tried it on with Kerry and it turns out that he slept with Ali too, so he has a bit of a track record!”

S: How does he feel about Ali’s death?

LF: “That is really hard for him. He loved Ali once and she was Amelia’s mum. That’s been his main concern really, making sure that Amelia is okay.”

S: Why doesn’t he want Amelia to know that Daz is her dad?

LF: “She’s grown up thinking that Dan is her dad. She has also just lost her mum. He wants to protect Amelia. Also, as far as Dan is concerned, Amelia is his daughter. He has brought her up and they will always have that bond. The fact that it’s Daz makes things really complicated.”

S: Why does he refuse to let Amelia hang out with Daz?

LF: “She doesn’t know the truth and everybody else does, so it’s a difficult and complicated situation.”

S: How is Dan doing right now?

LF: “Well, one minute everything was great, the family were in a good place and then ‘boom’ his whole world fell apart. Things are about to change for Dan as there are some huge revelations coming up…”

S: Ooh! Can you give us a hint about that?

LF: “There is something big coming up, it’s a journey for Kerry, Dan and Daz. It is going to be confusing as there are many layers to it.”

S: Is it about to get dark?

LF: “It does get a bit dark, but you know that with Kerry and Dan, there is always that humour. There is even more now that Daz is involved with Bernice.”

S: Will Amelia find out that Daz is her dad?

LF: “Well, there is a moment when she is recording her vlog. Dan and Kerry interrupt her and don’t realise they are being recorded talking about the whole situation. They walk in and see Amelia watching the video of Dan admitting that he isn’t her real dad. It’s a question of whether or not the penny drops.”

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