Liam Fox: ‘Dan’s chuffed and confused by Chas’

Emmerdale‘s Liam Fox talks to Soaplife about desperate Dan’s lucky strike – with an even more desperate Chas!

Now Dan’s finally accepted that Ali is with Ruby and she won’t be coming back, Liam says he’s ready for a new romance. He’s obviously ready for a new challenge, too, when he sets his sights on Chas! “We all know who is and isn’t in our league, but we don’t like admitting it,” says Liam. “But Dan just wants to ignore it. He thinks, ‘Why the hell not?'”

When did Dan start properly noticing Chas?

“From day one. But now that he’s moved on from Ali, he’s smartened himself up a bit and thinks, ‘You never know…’. He fancies her and thinks she’s a vision of beauty. Chas is sparky, she’s funny and then there’s the banter between them.”

He got his first clue he may be in with a chance at Rhona and Paddy’s wedding reception, didn’t he?

“Yes. Chas had had one too many and this encouraged the spark for her. Then the next day Dan tried his luck. He’d been out drinking with Bob and this gave him the courage to come on to her.”

He didn’t get very far though…

“Well, she didn’t reject him out of hand, but kind of ignored him. It was a bit of an uncomfortable moment.”

So he apologises. Why?

“It’s out of embarrassment more than anything. He likes her as a person and doesn’t want to lose the friendship. Chas suggests they have another drink soon and he’s chuffed. He thinks, ‘Aye, aye, you never know!'”

And then he gets really lucky…

“They go for a ride in Dan’s campervan. Later Chas invites him to the back room of the pub for a drink and then kisses him. He’s blown away. He’s been hoping for it, but never really expected it. He’s a bit like a big kid in a sweet shop and everything’s free.”

Do they spend the night together?

“Er, yeah! But the next day he assumes it was a one off and she’ll never want to speak to him again.”

Instead she kisses him in front of a packed Woolpack and announces he’s her new boyfriend!

“And he’s bemused, chuffed, elated, confused – a bit of everything really.”

Are you worried that Dan will get hurt?

“Yeah. I can see it coming. I know that at some point his heart will be broken…”