Jane Cox tells Soaplife why Lisa Dingle turns violent with corrupt councillor Morris Blakey

It’s a sad time for the Dingles when Alfie the dog has to be put down and it doesn’t help matters when councillor Morris Blakey starts gabbing about how their home is set to be torn down, reveals Jane Cox

What’s the story?

“That Morris is so insensitive,’ actress Jane Cox told Soaplife. And when Morris goes a step too far, Lisa punches him! But will she knock any sense into him?

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Jane Cox reveals all to Soaplife

Soaplife: When do the Dingles realise that Alfie is ill?

Jane Cox: “He collapses when he’s out with them and they are devastated to discover he has cancer. They are devastated when they find out he has cancer as he is so much part of their family.”

S: Who decides he should be put down?

JC: “The family leave it for Zak to decide and he realises it’s time when Alfie can’t get up any more.”

S: What was it like filming those scenes?

JC: “Heartbreaking. Those are heartfelt scenes. Steve [Halliwell, who plays Zak] has never had a dog, but he was really upset, even though we knew the dog was perfectly fine!”

S: What happens at Alfie’s funeral?

JC: “We are in the middle of lowering Alfie in his doggy coffin into a hole in the ground when Morris turns up and wants to talk about the development. That’s very insensitive as we are all there very upset, trying to say goodbye to our dear dog.”

S: Is that why Lisa punches Morris?

JC: “It’s the last straw for her. Lisa is quite strong and will always fight for the family. It was great to film. We had a lovely fight arranger and of course nobody gets hurt. Dougie [McFerran, who plays Morris] did a wonderful fall as I swiped my fist out. He goes down to the ground and comes up with blood on his face.”

S: How do the Dingles feel about the prospect of losing their home?

JC: “The Dingles have lived there for a long long time, it is just appalling and this is what people do to poor people, ride rough shod over them.”

S: How do they protest?

JC: “Zak and Lisa sleep outside Wishing Well in a tent to try and stop any of this going on.”

S: If they lose their home?

JC: “They will be in cardboard boxes, they have no money at all.”

Emmerdale, ITV