‘Lisa’s terrified. She feels as if she’s dying,’ reveals Emmerdale’s Jane Cox

Emmerdale’s Jane Cox tells Soaplife that money worries, bailiffs, Belle’s home visit and losing her job prove too much for Lisa – and she collapses!

She’s the glue that binds the Dingle clan together. But as the pressure mounts, Lisa begins to buckle. After discovering Sam has massive debts and being fired from the factory, she collapses with chest pains and is rushed to hospital, where doctors diagnose angina. “Lisa’s terrified. She feels as if she’s dying,” Jane tells Soaplife. 

Lisa’s first shock is the bailiffs turning up, right?
“Yes. Lisa finds out Sam has huge debts. She tries to think of anything she can do to help. She goes to Debbie [Charley Webb], but she has very little money to spare.”

And she’s not feeling well?
“She’s getting short of breath and she’s getting pains in her chest. She knows something is wrong, but she doesn’t tell anyone. She visits the doctor, who says she needs to be checked over. But she doesn’t follow the advice.”

Soaplife knows Lisa thinks about stealing. That’s not like her…
“She’s desperate. She sees this petty cash tin at work and, on the spur of the moment, takes it. She feels terrible and puts it back, but Jai walks in and thinks she’s stealing it. He tells her off in front of the whole factory and she’s so upset and embarrassed.”

And Jai (Chris Bisson) won’t let her have time off for Belle’s day visit, either, will he?
“No. Lisa’s overjoyed her daughter is coming home, but distraught she can’t get time off work.”

Why does Jai sack Lisa?
“Kerry persuades Lisa to go home and see Belle [Eden Taylor-Draper], thinking Jai won’t notice. But he sees her leave. Lisa lies and tells Belle she got let out early, then Jai turns up at the house and fires her in front of Belle, which is devastating.”

How does Zak (Steve Halliwell) react?
“He’s furious, but he doesn’t know Lisa was caught stealing money or that she lied about taking time off.”

Lisa goes to the factory to beg for her job back…
“But Jai’s having none of it. Lisa then leaves the office and gets a massive pain in her chest. She can’t breathe and feels sick. They call an ambulance and she’s taken to hospital, where tests show she has angina.”

But Lisa won’t stay in hospital. Why?
“Because she feels a bit better and thinks she doesn’t have time to stay in hospital. Also, angina is not necessarily life-threatening.”

What’s in store for Lisa?
“Although angina is different from a heart attack, Lisa will have to take care of herself and alleviate the stress levels. That’s going to be easier said than done, though.”

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