Love for Daz and Victoria?

Are Daz and Victoria getting too close for comfort? Emmerdale actor Luke Tittensor reveals all…

Why does Daz warn Victoria off Aaron? Is he jealous?

“Maybe a bit of him is but Daz really doesn’t like Aaron. He thinks he’ll lead Victoria astray and create even more tension between the Sugdens and Dingles.”

Does he suspect Victoria’s deliberately trying to make him jealous?

“If she is it’s beginning to have some effect.”

Is that why he smacks Aaron when he finds him with Victoria at the garage?

“She’s bunked off school and Daz is furious. The boys fight and Aaron goes head first into a workbench. Later, Victoria tells Daz that only his affections will keep her away from Aaron.”

But Victoria and Aaron have another secret meeting… How does Daz react when Aaron tells him they’ve had sex?

“He loses it and punches Aaron. Chas has to separate them. Daz feels sleeping with Aaron is the worst thing Victoria could have done and he can’t stand Aaron gloating about it.”

But Victoria swears nothing happened when he tells her what Aaron said…

“He believes her and it’s a huge relief to him.”

Victoria also tells Daz he’s the only person she loves enough to sleep with. How does he feel?

“He’s stunned. He cares for Victoria and knows she cares for him but neither of them have admitted how deep these feelings might go.”

But they kissed once…

“Daz thought that was a mistake as soon as it happened. But he hasn’t been able to forget about it. Victoria’s got to him. He’s really confused. They’ve grown up together but recently their brother/sister relationship has started to change.”

So until now he’s looked on Victoria as his sister even though she’s not…

“He’s trying to convince himself his feelings for her are purely brotherly. He tells Victoria he thinks of her as a sister but that’s the last thing she wants to hear. She wants a full-on relationship with him.”

Would he feel odd if they got together?

“Apart from any guilt Daz might feel, it would just create so many problems for them. But it’s a matter of whether they can contain what it is they’re feeling for each other…”

How would Andy feel if they paired up?

“He’d be furious. As far as Andy’s concerned, Victoria is his sister and Daz is his brother. It would cause some very big arguments and a lot more turmoil for the Sugden family.”

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