Love at last for Finn Barton? Emmerdale star Joe Gill reveals all

Actor Joe Gill talks about the moment Finn Barton finally gets to talk to Kasim, the man he saved during the Emmerdale car smash

Any man of a certain age in possession of his own teeth is in danger of being snared by Finn Barton if he dares to stay still for too long. Even though Finn’s only been with Kasim while he’s been in a coma, he has him down as boyfriend material and is gutted when he goes to the hospital only to discover he’s been discharged.

“He feels a strong bond with Kasim,” actor Joe Gill tells Soaplife.”He poured his heart out to him when nobody else would listen.”

Will it be a love match or will Kasim have Finn down as a stalker?

Why has Finn fallen for Kasim so hard?
“With everything that’s gone on, including the death of his dad, James, he’s in a dark place. The person he used to talk to was his dad and now he’s gone. Each time he’s tried to open up to friends or family members, he’s been cut off, so he offloaded onto Kasim instead. He’s the one person who’s been told how Finn really feels and whether or not he heard any of it doesn’t matter.”

How does Finn feel when he discovers Kasim’s been discharged?
“He’s distraught that this angel has been taken away from him again.”

When does he see Kasim again?
“It’s a very normal scene set in the cafe. Kasim’s heard about Finn and he comes to the village to find him.”

Will Finn tell Kasim he sat by his bedside?
“They click instantly and Finn doesn’t want to say he was at Kasim’s bedside in case it scares him away. If that were me, I’d find it a bit creepy. The thing is, Kasim doesn’t know everything Finn does comes from a good place, even if it seems strange or obscure.”

Will this be love?
“I hope so. I’ve been here for three years and Finn hasn’t been lucky in love during that time. I hope it happens for him. It would be interesting to see how he is in a relationship.”

How do you get on with Ethan Kai, who plays Kasim?
“Me and Ethan are the same age and he really cares about what he does. He’s recently graduated from drama school – I didn’t go as I came straight here. He gives me tips and vice-versa. He’s really cool.”

Do you miss Bill Ward, who played James Barton?
“Terribly. He was a massive part of my time. I’ve seen more of my on-screen family than my real one and he was there for me. But we’ll keep in touch.”

How will Finn feel if he finds out what Emma did?
“I’d hate to imagine. Kasim’s helping him deal with the grief. To find out his mum did it would be awful. If the truth came out, the three Barton brothers would come out of it closer than ever.”

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