Lucy: ‘Chas loves Carl, but she also hates him!’

Emmerdale‘s Lucy Pargeter reveals to Soaplife that Chas is terrified Carl started the killer blaze in revenge for her wedding-day jilt…

Chas humiliated Carl when she dumped him at the altar, but humiliated him so much he wants to kill her? “She doesn’t want to think Carl started the village fire but she can’t help having her suspicions,” Lucy says.

How does Carl react when Chas accuses him of starting the fire?

“He can’t believe she thinks he’d do something so terrible. He’s so shocked he refuses to actually deny it.”

We can’t believe Carl would do such a thing, though…

“Chas knows Carl wants to get even with her for humiliating him in front of the whole village. Maybe she’s over-reacting, but she can’t put the possibility out of her mind.”

How does she feel when Henshall arrests Carl?

“Very shaken. Carl has a few drinks and starts baiting Chas in the pub, telling her she’s flattering herself if she thinks he’d start a fire to get back at her. She’s grateful when Henshall steps in. Carl’s released after a night in the cells and later assures Chas he didn’t start the fire.”

Carl still wants his money back, though, and is set on getting even. Is Chas worried?

“It rattles her. She knows Carl and it’s unlikely he’s just going to give up. The uncertainty is getting to her. Carl might do all kinds of things to get his revenge… sabotage her job or hurt Aaron. Chas feels she’s constantly having to watch her back.”

Does she still love him?

“She’ll always love him – but she also hates him right now. They’re the loves of each other’s lives. Part of her wishes she had married him… and, who knows, maybe one day she still will.”