Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has revealed she was ‘terrified’ that she would get shot in real-life on set.

The actress’s alter-ego Chas Spencer gets threatened with a genuine shotgun by her niece Debbie Dingle (played by Charley Webb) on screen, and Lucy admitted she was worried that the gun was really loaded.

“Before each scene I made them show me it wasn’t loaded. It was disconcerting having the barrel of a shotgun in your back. I trusted Charley not to pull the trigger… on purpose,” she told The Sun.

In scenes shown on Emmerdale this week, Debbie abducts Chas and is determined to get her revenge for her stealing her fiance Cameron while she was pregnant.

Lucy admitted that her fear of guns wasn’t the only challenge for the harrowing scenes.

“It was the coldest day of filming we’ve ever had. It was the week after the bad snow and we were filming outdoors and in the barn… after we’d closed down because of the snow. It was freezing,” she recalled.

“I was on the concrete floor tied to a post. It was a cobbly concrete floor and I thought my knees would be in bits by the end of it – but really the cold, the atmosphere and the uncomfortableness added to the scenes.”

Meanwhile, Charley admitted getting to grips with the shotgun proved to be tougher than she expected.

The 25-year-old said: “I was expecting it to be this small Angelina Jolie-style gun. I thought it would be right cool and I’d look really hard. But it was a massive gun that was so heavy, the next day I thought my arm was broken,” she said.