Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter has said that her screen alter ego Chas Dingle is just settling when she chooses Dan Spencer over her lover Cameron.

Although Chas is involved in a risky relationship with the latter – who is the boyfriend of her pregnant niece Debbie – she ultimately chooses Dan (Liam Fox) when he pops the question, with Lucy admitting that the character is keen to play it safe when it comes to matters of the heart.

“Chas thinks what does matter in life is someone who loves you unconditionally and will never treat you bad and be there for you through think and thin,” she said.

“She’s never had that before apart from with Paddy and now Paddy’s married she thinks ‘Oh I should have stayed with someone like Paddy, so I think I’ll settle for that. What more could a girl want’.”

The actress added that it was the safety of their relationship which appealed, saying, “She’s not IN love with him. She is happy because she can see a possible future of security and happiness, instead of the hell she’s been through.

“It’s not who she should be with, it’s who she thinks she should be with.”

However Chas still has to face her feelings for Cameron – and Lucy revealed the storyline had a long way to go before the soap’s live 40th anniversary episode later this year.

“There’ll be more than a few twists and turns, falls and climbs and it all comes to a head on the 40th,” she hinted.