Lucy Pargeter: Chas’s revenge isn’t going to plan!

Emmerdale‘s Lucy Pargeter talks to Soaplife about bride-to-be Chas’s plans to jilt cheating Carl at the altar on Christmas Day…

Will Chas marry Carl…or will she go ahead with her plan for revenge for his affair with Eve? That’s what Soaplife asked Lucy during a chat about her character’s heartache while she took a break from filming the Christmas Day scenes. Chas’s original plan was to humiliate Carl at their Christmas Day wedding by exposing him as a liar and a cheat in front of their family and friends. “But now Chas knows Carl has finished with Eve,” Lucy explains, “and he’s really enthusiastic about the marriage and the baby.”

So where does that leave Chas?

“What’s important to her is that Carl has dumped Eve and wants to commit to her.”

What are Chas’s feelings for Eve now?

“She still hates Eve and wants to humiliate her and whack her one, but it’s more about what happens between her and Carl.”

Is Carl genuinely in love with Chas?

“Yes, and Chas genuinely thinks he loves her. His behaviour and actions since she proposed have made her realise this.”

And we get the feeling Chas loves Carl…

“Yes, she’s in love with him. She always has been. He’s messed about so often over the years and she really never thought it would happen again. Even though it has, Chas still loves Carl. It’s really why the revenge plan isn’t exactly going to plan.”

Is there anything Carl might say or do that would make her abandon her revenge marriage plan?

“Well, for a start, she sleeps with him the night before the wedding. Chas just kind of succumbs to him because she can’t help herself, but also because she wants them to be like they used to be. Carl’s very persuasive and Chas feels that they are meant to be together. It’s very possible she may decide to forgive and forget.”

Charity wouldn’t like that! She’s been egging Chas on…

“Chas is kind of being controlled by Charity who’s adamant that she sees the plan through.”

Can you tell us how Chas will explain away the “pregnancy” if she does marry Carl?

“When she’s discussing it with Charity and Cain before the wedding, she tells them she’ll just tell Carl what she’s done and that it will be fine because he loves her, but they tell her that he’ll absolutely hit the roof.”

How would you like things to turn out?

“I’m just pleased there is a wedding – or at least part of one. I’m not saying what happens! It’s been exhausting, but fantastic. It’s the first time I’ve been blessed with a Christmas Day storyline and I hope I’ve done everyone proud.”