Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter has said that Chastity Dingle’s wedding dress is so awful that the soap’s costume designer almost refused to make it.

Chastity is set to wed Dan Spencer in the forthcoming 40th anniversary live episode next month, and Lucy revealed that she helped designer Anita Massarrella create the dress for her character’s special day.

“Anita does all of our wedding dresses at Emmerdale – she’s just based literally up the road and is the most amazing seamstress,” Lucy explained.

“When we came up for the concept for the dress, she was extremely gutted, very disappointed and she almost refused to make it because it’s so horrendous.

“We tried to make it look like it had come from eBay or somewhere really nasty. And Anita doesn’t do nasty, she does amazing. She kept on saying ‘If I just tweak it, if I could just finish that seam off…’ and we were like ‘No! Don’t finish it off, don’t make it look nice, leave it.'”

Lucy added, “She really went to town on Sammy Winward’s wedding dress though, so she had the nice as well as the awful.

“I had the most amazing dress by her though when I was getting married to Carl, so I’ve had the nice frock, this one had to be practical and more in character.”

Liam Fox, who plays Dan, confessed, “I thought it looked glamorous, but that says a lot about me!”