Lucy Pargeter doesn’t want happy life for Chas

Emmerdale actor Lucy Pargeter has revealed she does not want her screen alter ego Chas Dingle to have a happy life, as it would spell disaster in soap terms.

Although the character is set to wed nice guy Dan Spencer in an upcoming episode, she is having an affair with her niece’s boyfriend Cameron Murray, and also being blackmailed by Carl King.

However Lucy said she wouldn’t have things any other way, calling the idea of a happy ending for Chas “far too boring”.

“You get the fear that so much has happened to you in the past couple of years, how much more can they give you, and also it’s amazing that I’m so busy,” she said.

“But there must come a time when the audience and writers get bored. You just think the amazing journey is going to stop at some point because people just go, ‘Woah! Chas overkill!’.”

Meanwhile Liam Fox, who plays Dan, has confessed he is surprised just how big a part of the show the character has become.

“I didn’t have the foggiest idea. I came in for eight episodes last year and I was supposed to come back every now and again,” he said.

“And when I came back I heard rumours about the Chas/Dan thing and then it was happening, and I was like ‘Oh, right.’

“You never have a clue, you’re just on a rollercoaster. Half of me doesn’t want to know what’s happening in the future, just enjoy it – I’m reading current scripts and going ‘Great’.”

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